Richmond to victoria station

Richmond to victoria station


The subway journey time between London Victoria and Richmond is around 31 min and covers a distance of around 9 miles. The fastest subway normally takes 30 min. Operated by London Underground (Tube), the London Victoria to Richmond subway service departs from Victoria station and arrives in Richmond station.

What Tube line is Richmond on?

District Line

Which Tube line is Victoria Station on?

Victoria Underground Station is on the District, Circle and Victoria lines of the Tube network.

How far is Victoria bus station from Victoria train station?

How to find Victoria Coach Station . Victoria Coach Station is a 10 to 15 minute walk from Victoria Station , which is the railway and Underground station . It is separate to Victoria Bus Station , which is for London local buses only.

Is London Victoria the same as Victoria Station?

Victoria station , also known as London Victoria , is a central London railway terminus and connected London Underground station in Victoria , in the City of Westminster, managed by Network Rail.

Does the tube go to Richmond?

Richmond station is a National Rail and London Underground station managed by South West Trains. It is on the South West Trains Waterloo to Reading line, the London Underground District line and also the London Overground North London Line.

Which travel zone is Richmond in?

Richmond station (London)

Number of platforms 7
Accessible Yes
Fare zone 4
London Underground annual entry and exit

Does the district line go to Victoria?

Coloured green on the tube map, there are 60 stations on the District line and it crosses boundary zones 1-6. The tube stops at some of the capital’s major train stations, including: Victoria , Blackfriars, Cannon Street and Paddington.

How many stops Victoria line?

16 stations

How often does the Victoria Line run?

Victoria line trains now run every 100 seconds making it the second most frequent line in the world.

What is the nearest tube station to Victoria Coach Station?

By Tube . Victoria station is served by the Victoria line, District line and Circle line, and is a 300 metre walk from Victoria Coach Station .

Is Victoria Station open all night?

Victoria Station is open 24 hours , Monday to Sunday, with the ticket office always open .

Are there toilets at Victoria Station?

Toilets are situated on central concourse and platform 2. The space is located on the central concourse in the main toilet facilities.

Is Victoria Station safe at night?

Victoria Station is safe . The area will be very crowded and busy during the morning and evening rush, so the usual precautions apply. Some bus lines do use stops that are not in the station , but are along nearby streets.

Is London Victoria safe?

Re: Staying in victoria , london is it safe ? Yes, it’s safe , but is a big city, and sometimes you come across bad people, or food poisoning.

How far away is London Victoria?

The distance between London Victoria and Victoria Park is 5 miles. The road distance is 7.2 miles.

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