How Do I Know If We Need Marriage Counseling?

How Do I Know If We Need Marriage Counseling?

Consider the current status of your relationship and the extent to which you are experiencing communication difficulties before deciding whether or not marital therapy is good for you. You should consider marriage therapy if you are experiencing a health-related crisis, financial hardship, or family difficulty. Make certain that your partner is included in the decision-making process.

Continue reading for nine unmistakable indicators that your marriage requires counseling.

  1. You or your partner have lost interest in what is going on.
  2. Almost all communication is negative or results in physical confrontations.
  3. You or your partner deceives or conceals information.
  4. Intimacy is lacking in your relationship.
  5. You consider one another to be the antagonists.
  6. You or your partner has been unfaithful to one another

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