How Much Do Counseling Sessions Cost?

How Much Do Counseling Sessions Cost?

Counseling Services Are Expensive Individuals seek therapy for a variety of reasons, with the majority of them relating to social, psychological, or emotional concerns. A typical counselor will charge you between $50 and $80 each session, depending on their experience and qualifications.

What is the average cost of a therapy session?

In 2017, the typical charge for a therapy session was $120 per session across the country. The fees ranged significantly from state to state, with Florida charging $70 and Alaska charging $160. Five states (Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio) had median rates at or below $90, while the others had rates at or below $100.

What is a sliding scale fee for counseling?

  1. Using a Sliding Scale Some counselors may accept a sliding scale charge from their clients, which implies that they will provide you with reduced sessions based on your financial level.
  2. Many private practice settings allow counselors to determine their own charges for treatment, and many counselors are willing to work with clients who cannot afford traditional therapy to find other payment arrangements.

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