How Much Does Premarital Counseling Cost?

How Much Does Premarital Counseling Cost?

Personalized premarital counseling typically costs $100 per hour, so you should plan on spending $300 to $700 for three to seven sessions, depending on your situation. Individual premarital classes are typically more expensive than group premarital programs.

The national average rate for premarital therapy is $125 to $175 for a 60-minute appointment, according to the American Psychological Association. The majority of couples attend roughly five sessions, with a total expenditure ranging from $625 to $875 on average.

How much does pre-marriage counseling cost?

Based on the course content, the typical cost of a pre-marriage course ranges from $50 to $400 or more on average. According to statistics, the high expense of marital therapy is the second most popular reason for couples to forego treatment.

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