Cafe rouge richmond

Cafe rouge richmond

Is Cafe Rouge closing down?

The owner of High Street restaurant chains Café Rouge and Bella Italia has gone into administration. Ninety-one Casual Dining Group outlets will close immediately, and 1,900 of the firm’s 6,000 staff will lose their jobs.

Are Cafe Rouge still trading?

More than 140 restaurants trading as Cafe Rouge , Bella Italia and Las Iguanas were acquired by Epiris Fund II, which is advised by Epiris LLP, the company said in a statement. The move will return 4,000 employees to work as restaurants reopen with easing pandemic restrictions, Epiris said.

Which branches of Cafe Rouge are closing?

Which Cafe Rouge restaurants are closing ? Bury St Edmonds. Newbury. Maidstone Earl St. Solihull. Pinner. Blackheath. Harborne Birmingh. Leamington Spa.

How many Cafe Rouge are there in the UK?

60 sites

Does Cafe Rouge allow dogs?

Q: Do you allow guide dogs in your restaurants? A: Yes, we absolutely do ! Guide dogs are always welcome in all Café Rouge restaurants. If there is anything we can do to help with your visit then please just speak to a member of staff when you arrive.

Is Las Iguanas closing down?

The company behind restaurant chains including Bella Italia, Cafe Rouge and Las Iguanas has collapsed into administration. Casual Dining Group operates 250 sites nationwide and 91 of them will shut permanently with immediate effect, resulting in 1,909 redundancies.

Did Cafe Rouge go bust?

Hear more from Sky News. Bella Italia and Café Rouge owner, Casual Dining Group, has gone into administration . This has meant 91 outlets to close immediately and 1,900 of the 6,000 staff to lose their jobs. The 91 restaurants are located mainly in England, with a few in Scotland and Wales.

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What pizza expresses are closing?

She said that it was a decision to “protect the jobs of over 9,000 of our colleagues.” These Pizza Express restaurants are closing down: Aberdeen, Belmont St. Aylesbury. Barnstaple, Three Tuns. Biggleswade. Billericay. Birmingham, Corporation St. Birmingham, Mailbox. Bournemouth, Post Office Road.

Which Pizza Express stores are closing?

Which Pizza Express restaurants are closing? Aberdeen – Belmont St. Aylesbury. Barnstaple – Three Tuns. Biggleswade . Billericay. Birmingham – Corporation St . Birmingham – Mailbox. Bournemouth – Post Office Rd.

Is Prezzo closing down?

Prezzo is set to close 94 of its stores , which means around 500 jobs will be lost. The Italian Chain secured a deal with creditors for Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA), to close unprofitable branches and secure rent reductions.

Has Las Iguanas gone into administration?

KKR-backed Casual Dining Group (CDG), the owner of the Bella Italia, Café Rouge, and Las Iguanas restaurant chains, has gone into administration . As a result, the company will shut 91 of its 250 outlets and cut 1,909 jobs out of the 6,000 staff it has in the UK.

Why is Pizza Express still closed?

Pizza Express is closing 73 restaurants with 1,100 jobs at risk after its business was hit by the coronavirus lockdown. The deal is aimed at reducing rental costs following the coronavirus lockdown.

Does Cafe Rouge do breakfast?

Our morning menu features classic dishes including our signature Rouge Breakfast with free range eggs, Cumberland sausage, sweet cure bacon, beans, mushroom, tomato and sourdough toast. Or how about our delicious Eggs Benedict to set you up for the day.

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Who is Cote Brasserie owned by?

CBPE Capital

Is Cafe Rouge a franchise?

As a franchise brand, Café Rouge is constantly looking for areas of growth in England and internationally. Each Café Rouge franchise promises consistent excellence to its loyal fan base. As a franchisor, you’ll recreate classic French dishes and develop creative twists to localise your menu.

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