Richmond raceway

Richmond raceway

Will fans be allowed at Richmond Raceway?

(WWBT) – Race weekend is set to kick-off Sept. 10 and will be televised nationally on NBCSN, which will be the first time engines started in the racetrack since September 2019. NASCAR and Richmond race officials announced that fans will not be allowed to attend the national series due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is the Richmond race Cancelled?

It’s important to note that NASCAR races at Atlanta, Homestead, Texas, Bristol, Richmond , Talladega, Dover and Martinsivlle have been postponed , not canceled — at least not yet. NASCAR still intends to hold all 36 Cup Series races in 2020.

How long is the Richmond Nascar track?


What are the best seats at Richmond Raceway?

If you want a balanced view of the track the middle of the back stretch, front stretch, or the new Commonwealth Tower is a good choice. For more focused action the corners and entrances/exits are good , but you want to be around 20-25 rows up to get a good view of the track.

Who has the most wins at Richmond?

Richard Petty

Can you bring beer into a Nascar race?

Going to the race , can you bring in your own alcohol I’m sure it’s allowed. They allow a certain size cooler to be taken into Nascar speedways, six pack size, but no hard alcohol . They limit cooler size, though. Best way to do it is buy a ‘trackpack’ cooler.

What is the shortest Nascar track?

Martinsville Speedway

Will there be fans at Nascar?

NASCAR fans at races, possibly limited The season is over but the pandemic is not, and NASCAR is still navigating the latest information around COVID-19. NASCAR president Steve Phelps sounded confident that the Daytona 500 in February will run with fans , but attendance could be limited.

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Who owns Richmond Raceway?

International Speedway Corporation

Who won Nascar Richmond?

Brad Keselowski

What Nascar track is in Virginia?

Martinsville Speedway

Has Kyle Petty ever won a Nascar?

Kyle Eugene Petty (born June 2, 1960) is an American former stock car racing driver, and current racing commentator.

Kyle Petty
Last win 1995 Miller Genuine Draft 500 (Dover)
Wins Top tens Poles 8 173 8
NASCAR Xfinity Series career
55 races run over 10 years

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