Richmond victoria

Richmond victoria

Is Richmond a good suburb?

“A great little suburb but with some bad problems” Richmond is a pretty damn good place to live. It’s got nearly everything you need near by – food, shopping, access to the city, sporting events – u name it.

Is Richmond Melbourne safe?

A trendy inner-city suburb with a diverse community. Richmond has an above average violent crime rate and a high property crime rate for Melbourne.

How far is Richmond from Melbourne CBD?

1.86 miles

Is Melbourne and Victoria the same?

Melbourne is in the southeastern part of mainland Australia, within the state of Victoria . The Little River, and the township of the same name, marks the border between Melbourne and neighbouring Geelong city.

Is Richmond dangerous?

According to Home Security Shield, Richmond has a crime rate of about 58 per 1,000 residents. The chances of being the victim of a crime in the city are one in 17, making Richmond the 11th most dangerous city in California. The chances of being the victim of a crime in Oakland is one in 12.

Is Richmond safe at night?

Richmond is safe at night unless you are in the bad part of the hood. Much like anywhere. The Fan and downtown are two different areas. Both are safe at night , but downtown becomes pretty quiet in some areas.

What are the most dangerous suburbs in Melbourne?

An analysis on the state’s latest crime statistics, conducted by RACV , found Braybrook and Robinson in Melbourne’s west top the list as the worst for home burglaries. Braybrook homes are more than twice as likely to be broken into as other suburbs.

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What are the nicest suburbs in Melbourne?

Get a free property report in seconds. #1 Diamond Creek. Diamond Creek in the north-east of Melbourne tops the list as the city’s number 1 family-friendly suburb . #2 Doncaster East. #3 Sandringham. #5 Ormond.

What is living in Richmond like?

Richmond is a vibrant and growing city, with a culture of creativity. It’s got beautiful views of the James River. It’s home to several universities like Virginia Commonwealth University and University of Richmond , to name a couple. Best of all, it’s a great town to eat and drink your way through.

How many hours are we behind Melbourne?

Time difference to GMT/UTC

Standard time zone: UTC/GMT +10 hours
Daylight saving time: +1 hour
Current time zone offset: UTC/GMT +11 hours
Time zone abbreviation: AEDT

How many times has Melbourne won most liveable city?

Melbourne is the world’s most liveable city for a sixth consecutive year, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). The EIU index scores 140 of the world’s major cities in healthcare, education, stability, culture, environment and infrastructure.

Why Victoria is the best state?

“ Victoria remains unchanged as Australia’s best -performing economy and currently ranks first on four of the economic indicators, including economic growth, retail trade, unemployment rate, and construction work done. The State continues to benefit from strong population growth and a solid job market,” Mr James said.

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