Bowen therapist

Bowen therapist

What does a Bowen therapist do?

Bowen therapy , also called Bowenwork or Bowtech, is a form of bodywork. It involves gently stretching the fascia — the soft tissue that covers all your muscles and organs — to promote pain relief. Specifically, this form of therapy uses precise and gentle, rolling hand movements.

Is Bowen Therapy Effective?

As Bowen Therapy is an effective but gentle and non-invasive technique that works on the fascia, or soft connective tissues of the body, with therapists using light moves over of muscle, tendon or ligament without any forceful manipulation, it is not surprising that there is no documented evidence to show that Bowen

How much does Bowen therapy cost?


Bowen Treatment $85.00
Pensioner $70.00
Student $60.00
Children (1-15yrs) $60.00
Babies $20.00

How long does it take to become a Bowen therapist?

With training taking no longer than a year to become a fully accredited Bowen therapist , transitioning to Bowen Therapy as a career move is simple – so long as you give it due thought beforehand. Below we’ve pulled together our top 5 tips to help you on your journey to becoming a Bowen therapist .

What is the difference between Bowen therapy and massage?

What is the difference between Massage and Bowen Therapy ? There are many differences between the two , but let me outline the most obvious ones here. Usually in massage long strokes are used in the direction of muscle fibres, whereas in Bowen Therapy short rolling moves are used across the body of muscles fibres.

Does Bowen Therapy help nerve pain?

Bowen therapy has proven highly effective in treating sciatica as it is a form of physical therapy for sciatica treatment . Bowen’s form of physical therapy work to relax the nervous system as well as tense muscles, tendons and ligaments thereby allowing the pinched sciatic nerve to be released.

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Can Bowen help fibromyalgia?

I certainly feel the benefits of regular Bowen treatment. It helps my migraines a lot, even managing to keep some away! It also helps bring down my fibro pain to a much more bearable level for a few days or weeks, depending on session.

Can Bowen Therapy Help MS?

Bowen Therapy to support Multiple Sclerosis . Bowen Therapy can complement conventional treatment to support many symptoms experienced with multiple sclerosis . It may also complement some disease modifying treatments, helping people prepare for and recover from some therapies.

Does Bowen Therapy make you tired?

You may feel stiff, experience occasional sharp pain, heat or brief shivers, headaches or even feel a little tired or emotional. Such reactions are usually brief as your body undertakes healing. If you experience a reaction and are uncertain, contact Christine on 0402 106 603.

Is Bowen therapy covered by insurance?

In order to be covered by 3rd party benefit insurance , Bowen must be included in the scope of the practice covered by the patient’s extended medical.

How do you become a Bowen therapist?

There are two main career paths for becoming a Bowen Therapist . You can consider either a Diploma of Bowen Therapy or a Certificate IV (or equivalent) in Bowen Therapy .

How do you get certified in Bowen therapy?

Certification Program 212 hours in the theory and practice of Bowenwork, (including classroom training , the preparation of 10 case studies, and a minimum of 50 hours of logged hands-on practice) 120 hours of anatomy and physiology. 24 hours of business and ethics. Six hours of workplace hygience, health and safety. Four hours CPR certification .

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Is Bowen therapy allied health?

‘Hands on’ therapies or body work – based on touch or manipulation of soft tissue, muscles and joints. Includes massage and Bowen therapy . Osteopathy and chiropractic are often spoken of as complementary therapies , but in Australia, these therapies are classed as allied health treatments.

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