How Long Do Counseling Sessions Last?

How Long Do Counseling Sessions Last?

According to the sort of therapy you are receiving, the answer will differ.Your individual counseling session will take roughly 50-55 minutes if you are seeing a therapist alone.″Therapeutic hour″ refers to the 50-55 minutes that are spent in this mode of treatment.This is typical procedure, while some doctors will give 45-minute or 60-minute sessions in addition to the usual 90-minute session.

Why do I have to have 6 sessions with my therapist?

It is impossible to complete the therapy if you do not feel comfortable discussing highly personal issues with your therapist. It is impossible for the therapist to question your deeply held preconceptions and ask you to examine the utility of what is being presented if you do not have faith in them. As a result, you’ll often be asked to commit to six sessions.

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