How Much Does Christian Counseling Cost?

How Much Does Christian Counseling Cost?

Counseling for Christians at an affordable price Prices range from $58 and $184.

In-person counseling sessions might cost anywhere from $60 an hour to more than $175 an hour depending on the circumstances. For online counseling, you may expect to pay anywhere from around $65 per week to $175 per week on average.

How do I charge for Christian counseling?

This might be a church, ministry, or other institution that has been founded specifically for the goal of ordaining Kingdom servants.In their sessions, Christian counselors might charge a regular price that is based on the ordinary and customary costs offered for similar services in the region where they practice.Furthermore, you may do research and build your own sliding scale that is based on the client’s financial ability to pay..

What is a Christian counselor?

When it comes to repairing one’s heart, a Christian counselor thinks that the process must contain both a spiritual component as well as a deeper knowledge of oneself and the people with whom one is in relationship, as part of the therapy process.

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