Occupational therapy assistant

Occupational therapy assistant

What exactly does an occupational therapy assistant do?

Occupational therapy assistants work with occupational therapists to help their clients develop and recover activities of daily living, like getting dressed and driving, and working. They also record their client’s progress for use by the occupational therapist .

How many years does it take to become an occupational therapist assistant?

two years

How much do occupational therapy assistants make an hour?

An experienced Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) with 10-19 years of experience earns an average total compensation of $29.99 based on 192 salaries. In their late career (20 years and higher), employees earn an average total compensation of $32 .

Is there a demand for occupational therapy assistants?

Occupational therapy assistants are in demand —and that demand is growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts an employment growth of 43% by 2022. To put that in perspective, the healthcare industry is only projected to grow 10.8% by 2022, making OTA one of the fastest growing healthcare occupations.

Is occupational therapy a dying field?

OTA is a dying field . There are NO jobs. If you love OT and have some flexibility about getting a job maybe go ahead. If you need to be able to support yourself or a family, I would look at other fields.

Which is better PTA or OTA?

A PTA knows how to help you recover from injuries, regain mobility, or relieve pain. For OTAs, it’s much more – it’s about any of the things that “occupy” your life. As you’ll learn in an occupational therapy assistant program, the origin of the challenge is developmental, emotional, sensory, mental, or physical.

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Is it hard to become an occupational therapist assistant?

Challenging Classes, Worthwhile Result The classes might be hard , but it could be worth the effort to earn your college degree and begin a rewarding healthcare career in as little as 2 years as an Occupational Therapy Assistant .

What qualifications do I need to be an occupational therapist assistant?

There are no set entry requirements for OT support workers. Employers expect good numeracy and literacy and some experience or qualifications in health or social care. Employers may ask for GCSEs in English and maths. They may ask for a BTEC or equivalent vocational qualifications in health and social care.

Is Occupational Therapy hard?

The short answer is: YES, occupational therapy school is hard . But so is physical therapy school, nursing school, medical school, pharmacy school, physician’s assistant school, etc. All healthcare degrees are going to be challenging, and for good reason.

How much does an entry level Ota make?

National Average As of Dec 24, 2020, the average annual pay for an Entry Level Occupational Therapy Assistant in the United States is $60,382 a year.

What math do you need for occupational therapy?

Because the program is an AS Degree, students will be required to complete one of the following math courses to satisfy program requirements: College Algebra (MAC1105), Survey of Math (MGF2106), Liberal Arts Math (MGF 2107), or Statistics (STA2023). College Math is recommended.

How do you become a pediatric occupational therapy assistant?

To become a pediatric occupational therapist assistant , you typically need at least an associate degree in occupational therapy or a closely related field and clinical experience. Most states also require OTA candidates to have a license, which usually involves passing a state licensing examination.

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Is occupational therapy a stressful job?

There is often a combination of stressful , draining times and exciting, fulfilling times while working as an occupational therapy practitioner.

Where do OTAs make the most money?

Top 5 Best States for Occupational Therapy Assistant Jobs Highest OTA Employment. Ohio. 3,990. Texas . 3,900. Florida. 3,050. New York. 2,880. Highest Concentration of OTAs. Ohio. 2.39. Wyoming. 1.99. Wisconsin. 1.79. Rhode Island. 1.65. Highest Paying States for OTAs. New Jersey. $73,680. Nevada. $72,400. California. $70,150. Virginia. $68,120.

What is the salary of a OT?

80,150 USD (2015)

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