What Is A Counseling Intake Session?

What Is A Counseling Intake Session?

In the ″counseling world,″ the intake session is referred to as the initial meeting with the client. The goal of the intake session is for you and your therapist to come up with the most complete and accurate image of yourself that they can possibly build.

What is the intake process in counseling?

For any therapy relationship to be successful, the intake step must be completed thoroughly. There are several critical aspects that counselors must keep in mind when conducting an intake process since it serves as the basis upon which the structure of the therapeutic relationship is created.

How long does a therapy intake session take?

Go over the informed consent documentation with your client. Instruct them to complete intake paperwork, or go over their information if they completed these forms prior to the appointment. For this reason, therapy intake sessions are frequently longer than regular sessions: 90 minutes is a reasonable length of time for this type of session.

Is the intake session stressful for a new therapist?

  • You and your prospective client may find the intake session difficult, so prepare for it beforehand.
  • If you haven’t been working with clients for a long period of time (or even if you have), you may feel a little apprehensive before each new client appointment.
  • As a starting point, we’ll provide you with some general instructions for your first session as well as some pointers on how to prepare for an effective treatment intake session.

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