What States Require Marriage Counseling Before Divorce?

What States Require Marriage Counseling Before Divorce?

In an effort to lower local divorce rates, Alabama and Wyoming have passed legislation mandating some couples seeking a divorce to attend pre-divorce therapy before finalizing their divorce.

Should marriage counseling be mandatory before divorce?

Because of the advantages of pre-divorce therapy, certain states in the United States are now making it necessary for couples to attend pre-divorce counseling sessions together before filing for divorce. They provide free divorce counseling to separated or divorced couples.

When does a court order marriage counseling?

Introduction to the Basics of Court-Ordered Marriage Counseling.In many places, a court has the authority to order it if he or she believes there is a chance of reconciliation.Some states demand it if one of the spouses specifically requests it.Others leave it up to the discretion of the court as to whether or not to approve the request.Other types of counseling or education programs are more likely to be ordered by the courts.

What happens in a divorce counseling session?

Divorce counseling is exactly what it sounds like: you must attend marriage therapy sessions as ordered by the court before the court can give you a divorce. The sessions are often comparable to any other type of marital therapy, with the goal of saving your marriage as the primary focus.

Do couples go to therapy before divorce?

Although a large number of couples seek treatment or counseling in order to mend their broken marriages, many of them ultimately wind up separating. Someone can claim that the therapy was ineffective, but the reality is quite the reverse. In many situations, the partners are attempting to repair their relationship when, in reality, they should be seeking a separation or divorce.

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