What To Expect At First Counseling Session?

What To Expect At First Counseling Session?

Expect to talk about the history of your relationship problems at the first appointment with your therapist. The therapist will want to hear about the primary issues you are dealing with, as well as what is causing the majority of your tension in your relationship.

What should I expect at my first counseling appointment?

I’m not sure what to expect at my intake appointment. It is necessary to finish an intake appointment in order to begin counseling in the early stages. Like any other doctor’s appointment, this will require filling out the necessary paperwork, answering some basic questions, and going over the fundamentals of confidentiality with the patient.

How should I feel at the end of my first session?

The bottom line is that at the conclusion of the first session, you should feel like you and your therapist know each other a little better, that you are comfortable working together, and that you have a plan for the rest of your therapy sessions.

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