Who Provides Counseling Pre-Move Destination Information And Welcome Packets?

Who Provides Counseling Pre-Move Destination Information And Welcome Packets?

Program for Sponsorship Contact the Maryland State Police at 410-278-0944 or DSN 458-0944 for help. Military personnel traveling to a new location can get counseling, welcome packages, and pre-move destination information from the Army Community Service (ACS) organization.

What is a DA Form 5434?

The purpose of this position is to educate soldiers or civilian employees on their sponsorship program entitlements, secure a sponsorship election, and transmit information to the acquiring battalion or activity upon the arrival of new members. Mandatory. Participation in the sponsorship program may be denied if certain information is not disclosed. JUNE 1993, DA FORM 5434, DA FORM 5434.

What is a Tasp unit coordinator?

When Soldiers are assigned Sponsors prior to reporting to their new posts, the TASP ensures that they are successful. Obtaining a Sponsor helps Soldiers and their families cope with the stress of reporting to a new unit by increasing their resilience and boosting their overall preparedness.

What army regulation covers sponsorship program?

In accordance with TASP Regulation, Army Regulation 600-8-8, and HQDA EXORD 161-15, sponsorship is available to all active component Soldiers in the ranks E-1 through O-6. Sponsorship is also available to all reserve component Soldiers in the ranks E-1 through O-6.

How do you fill out DA Form 5434?


  1. Access the Army Career Tracker (ACT) online
  2. Fill out DA Form 5434 completely.
  3. Select Create New Form from the drop-down menu.
  4. Complete all appropriate sections (Sections 1, 2, 4, and 5) of the application.
  5. Your sponsor will be contacted as soon as the project is completed.
  6. If your sponsor changes in ACT, you will be notified through the Messages area of your account.
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Where can I get DA Form 5434?

Once you have received news from HRC regarding your assignment requirements, follow these steps to request a sponsor through TASP: Go to https://actnow.army.mil to get started. Fill out the DA Form 5434. In the left column, select ″DA Form 5434″ from the dropdown box under ″Messages.″

Who does the Total Army sponsorship Program provide sponsorship assistance?

It’s a fight against one force! A commander’s initiative meant to aid Soldiers, their families, and Army civilian workers who are relocating, the Total Army Sponsorship Program (TASP) is a program of the Army.

How do you get sponsorship on Ako?

Using the ″My Account″ link in the top right-hand corner of AKO, sponsors may log into their sponsored accounts by selecting ″Sponsor Management″ from the drop-down menu. Every 150 days, sponsors will be required to renew the accounts of unverified contractors and unverified family members.

How do I contact my army sponsor?

  1. 800-342-9647
  2. We’re referred to as OCONUS.
  3. Dial TTY/TDD to reach us.
  4. Call
  5. Chat in real time
  6. Chat
  7. Please log in

What is a DA 5118?

The DA 5118 is used to conduct the initial pre-reassignment screening in order to establish whether or not the soldier is eligible to comply with the assignment. Disclosure of any personal information is entirely voluntary, however failure to do so will result in needless delays in the reassignment procedure.

Who is the sponsorship program mandatory for?

2–2 Sponsorship is required for first-term Soldiers in the military.Long-term military schools will provide welcome and sponsorship information, but they are not obligated to provide individual sponsors for students attending their programs.In rare or extraordinary circumstances, gaining commanders will amend the pinpoint or ultimate assignments of Soldiers who have been allocated sponsors.

What tool provides resources that include the sponsor checklist sponsorship FAQ?

To find these tools, go to the eSponsorship Application & Training course home page and click on the link eSAT Tools under Tools and Resources. Sponsorship Checklist, welcome letters, and other necessary sponsorship paperwork may be found in this section. Users can also access the eSAT Tools by visiting the Military OneSource Training Resources website.

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What is a AAA 234?

Form AAA 234 Individual Losing Assignment for Enlisted or Request for Orders RFO for Officers is used to report individual loss of assignment. The Worksheet for Reassignment and Travel Elections

How long does it take to get a sponsor Army?

When a unit receives a DA Form 5434 or a DA Form 5434-E, it will appoint a sponsor within 10 calendar days, unless the incoming soldier or civilian employee declines to serve as a sponsor.

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